Thursday, August 11

Gymnast Babe Fucked In A Gym

This long-legged former gymnast is just making her first steps in courtesan business playing out a fantasy that gives her flashbacks as she gets fucked right in a gym. She is so slender, agile and so sensual the lucky guy just can't stop plowing her hot dripping wet pussy all the way till she squeezes his big cock so hard he gives her a creampie. Welcome to the biz, honey, and we hope to see more of your amazing fuck videos soon!

Monday, August 8

Little Exhibitionist

Little Exhibitionist

Little Exhibitionist

"As long as I can remember, I've always gotten so turned on by the idea of guys watching me and playing with themselves. There was this neighbor guy who I used to tease all the time. I'd be outside washing my car and I could see him watching me from the window, so I'd take off my shirt and shorts and be there in nothing but a bikini, sticking my ass out in his direction. Then later at night I would finger my pussy, thinking of how he was probably jacking off and thinking of me, too. I hope the guys who watch my video think of me the same way."

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Saturday, August 6

Olivia Part II

i was so excited to come back and when the photographer dropbox the photos from the last shoot i saw what he meant about me being poutyfaced so i saw why smiling is good. i never thought how amazing the pictures would turn out and this time i was really ready to try everything. Everything turned out to be really fun and i don't just mean the cumming but all the things we did together on camera and off camera. By the time i was done that day i was really sore! i even tried anal for my first time and it wasn't as bad as i thought. i brought my own dress and he contributed some too and bought me some heels to try which believe it or not i've never worn in my life. i've never had to. i also had fun playing basketball its been a while and some real good sex for once. the pee part was the most difficult part! my bladder was full and i'm about to burst but something happens when the camera turns on even when hes not there. So i have a friend who wants to also shoot and i think it would be great if she started with this website. She's open to hooking up with me so maybe we can do our first lesbian shoot together? She's only five feet tall so that would be different!

Thursday, August 4

Stepdad Fucks Teen In Braces

I always knew my 18 y.o. stepdaughter had a thing for me and kinda wanted me to fuck her, so when she started wearing braces and asked me to let her practice blowjobs on my dick I wasn't even surprised. Fuck the morale! If you get a cute slender teen redhead to suck your big cock, go full deepthroat mode, let you cum in her mouth and on her face, then have you fuck her with no rubber – you just can't say NO. Hope her mom never finds out!

Becoming Lovers With Stepsis

My stepsister and I have two major things in common: we both love sex and we've been on a dry streak recently, so when I walked in on her masturbating I knew exactly what I needed to do to make it a win-win situation. That day I gave her oral pleasure and she must have loved that orgasm cuz the next day she returned the favor with a killer blowjob. My big cock impressed her so much she wanted more, so we've been fucking ever since. Family-style!

Wednesday, August 3

Fuck My Ass

"I first got into anal because a girlfriend of mine told me how awesome it was. I think she read about it in a magazine or something and decided she wanted to try it. She would always go on and on about how hard she would cum when she got fucked in the ass, and well, I got jealous that she was having better sex than me. What can I say? I'm a competitive person. I knew I couldn't just go into it cold turkey, so I started off with butt plugs and eventually dildos. When I could take those with no problem, I had my first real anal experience. I loved it, and I haven't looked back since!"

Monday, July 18

Sex Friends Orgasm Together

Kennia Lex, Sasha Paige and their mutual friend come together for a sleepover party. They discuss different things and listen to music. At some moment, they start a pillow fight that gets wilder and wilder with time. Finally, kinky chicks bare their yummy tits and start caressing them. The dude feels surprised at first, but then joins the game and even turns it into a threesome action that gives them all total satisfaction in different positions.

Blowjob As a Means Of Distraction

Hot Pearl’s boyfriend spends a lot of time talking on the phone. Yes, he leads a busy life but Hot Pearl wants her share of attention as well. She tries to talk to him, but she fails to achieve her goal, she strikes sexy positions, but he even doesn’t look at her. Finally, she undresses him and takes his dick right into her mouth. This is when he puts away the phone and gives Hot Pearl as much attention as she wants and needs to be satisfied.