Saturday, June 24

Sunblocked & Stepcocked

Violet Gems's step-uncle GI Joey is in town visiting her family for the summer. Joey is a personal trainer & can't stop working out even on vacation. Violet can't help but notice how in shape her step-uncle is, she can't help but think 'What if...' Well that opportunity arises when Joey asks his step-niece to assist him with his workout. Violet uses the moment to ask for a favor of her own - put some sunblock all over her body. Joey did not expect his young step-niece to drop her top and show off her perky tits & pierced nipples. As he rubbed sunblock on her, Violet noticed her step-uncle's hard cock through his shorts. She grabbed it and started to suck & jerk it. Her step-uncle was worried but she promised she wouldn't tell anyone. Violet sucked him like a pro, deepthroating his fat cock. She slid her bikini to the side and stretched her tight pussy out with her step-uncle's thick dick. Joey slammed his step-niece's fluffy muff from behind making her cum hard on his man meat. Violet took her step-uncle's load all over her pretty face and even swallowed some of it too!

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