Friday, June 30

Mustn't Tell Teacher, Scene #01

Cameron (Tommy Pistol), a school administrator at a local high school, arrives at the house of one of the teachers, Mrs. Williams (Marie McCray), to help her with an upcoming school fundraiser. After they finish up the work, Mrs. Williams' teen Leana (Leana Lovings) returns home. Leana is happy to see Cameron, because she secretly has a crush on him.Cameron then excuses himself to head home, and Mrs. Williams says she'll walk out with him since she has an errand she has to run. Leana doesn't want Cameron to leave yet, and instantly leaps into action. Leana claims that she's trying to do some more extracurricular activities to help with her college application, but there's so much to choose from and she's a bit overwhelmed. Since Cameron is in charge of the school's extracurricular activities, she's hoping he can help her. Cameron clearly doesn't mind helping but looks towards Mrs. Williams for permission. Mrs. Williams tells him to go right ahead.Mrs. Williams then leaves the house, and Leana leads Cameron towards her bedroom where she has her materials spread out. Once they're in Leana's room, she pulls out some school flyers. Leana starts asking questions about various extracurriculars, but then she eventually admits that she has feelings for Cameron and wants to be with him. Cameron acts surprised, saying he's flattered but that it wouldn't be appropriate to do anything. He tries to leave, but Leana reveals that she knows he's been intimate with some of her classmates, and she has proof... but she won't say anything if he makes love to her, too. Realizing that Leana knows too much, Cameron shocks her by showing a much darker side of himself. It looks like Leana's about to get what she wants, but will it turn out to be more than she can handle?

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