Saturday, June 24

Bored & Boned At Grandma's

Parker Ambrose & Stella Chiyoki are stuck at their grandparents & absolutely bored out of their minds. Parker's stepsister Stella has no chill and HAS to be entertained. She tells her stepbro she used to hear him jerking off and wants to see him do it now. She flashes him her perky little pierced tits. Parker is weirded out, but also completely bored - I mean, what else is there to do!? His stepsister seems impressed with his big cock when he pulls it out. She wants to help him jerk it but before they can get very far - their annoying dad interrupts their sneaky game, almost catching them! Dad wants Parker to do some laundry, unwittingly separating the horny young couple. But Stella has other plans - she follows Parker into the laundry room and rubs him over his shorts. Parker can't resist anymore - he turns her around and takes her from behind. They move to the bedroom and Stella sits on her stepbrother's thick dick. Her wet little pussy creams up as he stretches and pounds her. Stella cums on Parker's cock before he pulls out and nuts all over his stepsister's tummy. That's one way to kill time at the grandparents!

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